Expected effects installation

3 main effects of CESS
Special effect
Activate current and compensate for losses The strong compensating power of light wavelengths realizes more than 10% of electricity saving by activation of electrical energy transformed due to various electrical disturbance factors causing damage to the electrical power system to its original (inherent) state.
Control of voltage stability The stability of electric current is controlled by eliminating the factors causing internal/external losses of electric current such as heat generation.
Protect electrical equipment and save costs. Harmonic waves are suppessed to protect the device and save costs due to harmonics caused.
Improve performance and improve competitiveness Performance is he ratio between the amount of energy it produces and the amount of input it needs to make it work. this rate increases and helps improve competitiveness between businesses and countries.
Prevent power system from having problems and extend life Reduce the phenomenon of wear, heat, noise, etc of electrical equipment to extend the life of the machine by providing electricity with stable voltage.

01. Increase the quality of electric current (Capacity)

02. Reduce reactive power

03. Reduce the transmission line

04. Reduce heat generation during transmission

05. Stabilize the current to the device

06. Remove promblems in the electrical system
(Data error, Circuit breaker phenomenon,etc.)

07. Increase power transmission
(Voltage variation, voltage imbalance,..)

08. Increase device life
(Light, engine, other devices)

01. Prevent overload
02. Improve engine life
03. Improve lighting equipment life (from 40~60%)
04. Improve lighting equipment life (2 times)
05. Do no interrupt the production line
06. Use optimal energy
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