Task FLow

Consult customers
Prepare acceptance register for inquiring customers, and customer consultation record,
Record consultation contents : Brief contents such as business type, contacts, name of person in charge, type of electric power in use, machines in use, etc.
Visit customers and check the field
Compare with the customer consultation record and add detailed contents – type of electric power in use, daily operating ratio, electrical charge bill, main wiring diagram, etc.
Determine TEST implementation status
Submit TEST request, consider scale and power consumption,
Interview with the person in charge of field: Select volt(V) for fixed load, motor horsepower, lad check, test schedule, etc.)
Check for TEST schedule
Notify the customer company or the customer
Execute TEST
Execute according to lesson plans for measuring methods – check for fixed loads suitable for TEST, prepare product, prepare capacity of extra portion, submit after checking for result sheet, electrical charge bill, main wiring diagram, daily operating ratio following execution of measurements
Prepare results report
Prepare proposal report for TEST results
Submit and describe proposal report
Present the proposal report after preparation according to the customer or the customer company, estimation sheet and results report
Finalize installation
Prepare contract and deposit contract money
Place order and produce
Prepare purchase order and conduct due diligence of field, Production period: Generally, 10~15 days required
Install after checking for installation schedule with the customer or the customer company
Follow-up management
Manage A/S after installation, manage customers, manage linked sales, etc.