‘Creating a new energy culture’
We sincerely welcome all of you who visited us at COSMOTOR Co., Ltd.
Our company is a precious enterprise with a dream of producing the best, as our staff put in their whole hearted effort under the slogan of ‘Creating a new energy culture’.Our company, after consistent investment came to realize our country’s long-cherished desire of energy savings through much effort and research since 1996.
We have come to develop new electricity-savings capable of improving power efficiencies in a stable manner by being applied to practical electric equipment for the first time across the industry.

“COSMOTOR electricity-saving system (CESS)” has been launched, which maintains the best electricity savings through stable power improvement without voltage drops based on our new electricity-saving technology.
Also, as the new technology of the “COSMOTOR electricity saving system (CESS)” become known to many electricity experts due to its patent filing becoming a topic of great interest, and came to be acknowledged as reliable electricity-saving technology on the basis of results obtained through numerous tests and reviews conducted by these experts.As such, the COSMOTOR system is being actively adopted at many fields overseas as well as domestically as it is being recognized as an electricity saver, completely different from existing electricity savers.
Hence, our company continues to invest and strive for development of a stable and highly-reliable technology without being ‘big-headed’.
At the same time, we will focus all of your energy and skill into once channel, to make even the slightest contribution to securing national competitiveness beyond that of the company through effective energy savings.

First, we are a business doing its best day in and day out, with a group of people working hard for one common vision.
Secondly, we are a business earning trust from consumers through the production of reliable products.
Thirdly, we are a business distributing dreams to the global community.
The very blueprint of the future is being lead by COSMOTOR.
We hope that meeting with COSMOTOR be a beneficial and enjoyable for everyone.
In addition, we pray that this precious meeting is an occasion capable of promising a successful and happy future.
Thank you.
-From all of executives and employees of COSMOTOR-