Physical functions

Physical functions
Connect to the secondary side of main circuit breaker in parallel

  • · Magnetic field formed in a CESS product
Wavelength released from CES

  • · Main current wavelength affected
Kinetic energy value (I) due to resonance phenomenon increased

  • · Energy value of electricity, electrons flowing through conducting wire increased
  • · Electronic structure disordered due to impedance effect – Uniform arrangement formed
  • · Suppression of SP(spin) electrons function – electricity and electrons supplied with wavelength activated,resistance values reduced
Electrical functions
TVSS function (KTL Surge report acquired)

  • · Suppression of SURGE produced in electric power system
  • · Prevention of equipment damages, reduction of noise, etc.
Physical electricity-saving functions (Wavelength activation device)
Function of exciting and releasing energy
  • · Silica : 200~300 mesh [Fe 95% removed]
  • · Cu(Copper) : 350 mesh Other major compositions Mixed
  • · Mix
VALENCE WAVE generation
  • ·Resonance phenomenon, Electrical energy (I) value raised
  • ·Electrical, electronic structure – Uniformly arranged
  • ·Impedance suppression – Wavelength activated
Electrical function (Surge control function)
Surge produced in electric power system suppressed by TVSS technology
  • · Equipment damage prevented, noise prevented
  • · No dropping below transition natural variation value after installation of CESS

Additional functions
Waveform improvement
Distorted waves produced at load are offset

  • · Waveform improved to be relatively close to sign wave
Power factor calibration
phase difference improved

  • ·Power factor improved by reduction in reactive power(Var) as one of AC impedances