Organization chart

Technologies developed by the engineering research laboratory
· Developed application technology for wavelength electricity
· Developed technology grated with surge control
· Developed recovery technology for wavelength half-life
· Developed technology grafted with a power factor calibration device
· Developed application technology for high voltage (660V)
Major personnel makeup
· Engineering research personnel: Composed of 6 people as permanent research personnel in the
relevant areas and 4 people as the engineering advisory committee members.
· Test research personnel: Composed of 4 people as performance test research team for
COSMOTOR electricity-saving system (CESS)
· CESS development personnel: Composed of 5 people as specialized development personnel
with over 3 years experience
· CESS electric power analysis personnel: Composed of 4 people as research personnel for
electrical power analysis & research
· CESS quality analysis personnel: Composed of 1 person as quality analysis & research personnel
· Plant and production personnel: Composed of over 200 people as plant and production
personnel (including daily workers)