CESS feasibility and vision

Business background – Arrival of energy-saving era due to energy exhaustion
– Protection of global environment through suppressing the use of fossil energy
– Quantitative, qualitative advancement in the electricity saver MARKET through differentiated technological competence for electricity saving
– Saving of costs for each business and securing of superiority in competitiveness
Business objective – Formation of an electricity saver market by performing active marketing, both online and offline.
– Securing profitability through development of diversified Profit Business Models.
– Integration of domestic an electric saver market with technological competence of competition superiority
– Active overseas markets for expansion of a world energy business
Market status – Improvement in SAVING market environments due to the aftereffect of global economy depression.
– Drastic increase in the need for cost savings due to intensification in competiveness.
– No differentiation in contents despite the existence of more than 10 businesses related to electricity saving.
– Expansion in consumers’ complaints on electricity savers for the existing method.
Vision – Entry in KOSDAQ by 2017 and in NASDAQ by 2020
– Leap to become the world’s best and largest BRAND in electricity saving