COSMOTOR electricity-saving system (CESS) allows TEST in the state without shutting off the power supply.
Attention should be paid to absolute safety due power supply not being shutoff
(Wear insulated gloves, safety shoes, safety helmet, etc.)

Select an optimum load for TEST.
Fixed load (Load where peak values are as constant as possible, compressor, air conditioner, dust collector, exhaust fan, drainage pump, etc.)
Accurately check for capacity (220V/380V/440V), prepare [CESS] according to HP or KW for the electrical power

Measure voltage (Volt) and current (Ampere).
Measurement using a hook on meter is possible, and no measurements and tests are conducted in the case of high voltage

TEST by checking for phase connection method for power supply
·3- phase 4-cable method (380V and 220V can be simultaneously used)
·3- phase 2-cable method (TEST by selecting one type among 220V, 380V, 440V)
·Single-phase 2-cable method (TEST by using one type between 110V/220V)
·Single-phase 3-cable method (110V/220V can be used simultaneously)

Measure harmonics using power analyzer (EM9200, HIOKI3286, HIOKI13169, etc.)
·No long-time measurements are made when even one type of 3rd, 5th, 7th current harmonics is higher than 10%.
·General test time is 20 minutes each, with the time being adjusted when peaks are fluid.
·Make sure to be careful since abnormalities can occur in the power analyzer when harmonics are higher than 35%.

Check for KW (effective power) of loads
·In the case of more than 3 phase: KW = V x A x 1.732, PF
·In the case of single phase: KW= V x A

Connection method for power analyzer and CESS for TEST
·Connect CT and PT of power analyzer to the primary side of the main breaker
·Connection methods are varied slightly with types of power analyzer.
Make connections with particular attention paid to current direction of CTand to phase connection (R,S,T,N) of PT.
·Connect CESS for TEST to the secondary side of the breaker.
·Irrespective of voltages when the amount of current is higher than 200A, TEST by insertion of clip-type terminal of connection part and fastening the CESS for TEST with bolt isrecommended in the state with power supply of the breaker disconnected.
·Make sure to install the breaker for connection with CESS in OFF state upon installation, and demolish in OFF state also upon demolition.

Measure power analyzer for about 20 min to 1 hr with breaker for (primary) CESS connection in OFF state and test for about 20 min to 1 hr together with the power analyzer after connection with 9 secondary) CESS, followed by printout of DATA.

After obtaining signatures of the customer and the person in charge for the customer company on the DATA with a printout completed, bring the original DATA to the headquarters.

Arrange electrical charge for estimation, wiring diagram for main circuit breaker, daily operating ratio, other installation items, etc. for submittal to the headquarters.

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