Expected effects after installation

3 greatest
effects of CESS
Specific effects
Electricity activation and loss compensation The strong compensating power of light wavelengths realizes more than 10% of electricity saving by activation of electrical energy transformed due to various electrical disturbance factors causing damage to the electrical power system to its original (inherent) state.
Overvoltage control and return force Stable electricity is supplied by controlling overvoltage and surge with deleterious effects for various electronic equipment. Heat generation is lowered, and the usual standby state is stabilized in preparation for a reoccurrence in drastic increase in voltages.
Equipment protection and expenses saving Equipment is protected by offsetting harmonics inducing malfunctions of various precision equipment, and additional costs produced by equipment breakdown are saved.
Productivity increase and competitiveness reinforcement Productivities are increased by removal of performance degradation phenomena, and increase in equipment output power, which takes charge of reinforcing competitiveness among businesses and countries.
Reduction in abnormal phenomena and extension in life Average life of all products using electricity is extended as electrical side effects such as noise, tremor, excessive wear and overheating, etc. of electrical and electronic products, motor, and compressor by forming a stable supply phenomenon of electricity.

Effect of functions
01. Increase in electric power quality (increase in power)

02. Reduction in reactive power

03. Reduction in electricity distribution lines

04. Reduction in heat generation in electricity distribution facility

05. Reduction in current under each load

06. Removal of trouble phenomena in an electric power system
(Data error, circuit breaker trip phenomenon, etc.)

07. Increase in load efficiency due to voltage improvement
(voltage variation, voltage unbalance, distorted voltage)

08. Life increase under loads
(lighting, motor, various control instruments)

01. Prevention of burnout of electrical instruments or equipment
02. Prevention of Computer Data Errors
03. Life extension for motor (by more than 40~60%)
04. Life extension for lighting (by more than twofold)
05. Suppression of program errors interrupting production lines
06. Suppression of increase in energy usage
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